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What Do Your Stickers Say About You?

If you've ever been to a fitness class or the grocery store, you know that people love their stickers. But what do those stickers say about you? Are you the type of person who likes to show off your accomplishments? Or maybe you're more of a humble sticker-user, preferring to keep your achievements under wraps. Whatever your sticker preference, there's no doubt that these little pieces of adhesive paper can tell us a lot about a person. Next time you see someone with a sticker on their laptop, car, or water bottle, take a second to think about what it says about them. And then go ahead and judge them accordingly! ;-)

Your stickers say a lot about you, and since we’re all friends here (I hope!), I think it’s time for us to get real. Let me guess your favorite sticker; is it the bulldog? The deer head mullet? Or maybe dog mom? What do your stickers say about you - let me know in the comments below!