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Personal Trainer Sticker - Personally Victimized By My Trainer - Funny Skull Kettlebell Sticker for Gym Water Bottle

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We've all been there – lunging, lifting, and leaping at the mercy of a trainer who seems to have a PhD in Torture Techniques. But fear not, brave fitness explorer, for our sticker is here to turn your trainer-induced woes into badge-worthy achievements!

Slap on our "Personally victimized by my trainer" sticker and watch as your gym buddies nod in solidarity and pass you the protein shake with a mix of sympathy and admiration.

Sticker measures 3.5 x 2”

Experience the exceptional quality of our premium stickers! Crafted from thick, waterproof, and weatherproof vinyl made in the USA, these durable stickers are designed to last.

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