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Retro Rewind Sticker Eighties Sticker 90s Throwback Edition

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Introducing the Retro Rewind VHS Tape Sticker: 90s Throwback Edition! Get ready to time travel back to the glory days of chunky televisions, mixtapes, and dial-up internet with our delightfully nostalgic sticker.

Remember the era when VHS tapes ruled the entertainment world? Now you can relive those glorious moments with our throwback sticker, featuring a vintage VHS tape stack that screams, "I'm so '90s, it hurts!" It's the perfect way to show off your love for all things retro while embracing the digital age.

Crafted with the utmost attention to detail, this sticker replicates the iconic look of a VHS tape, complete with worn edges and that unmistakable label. Stick it on your laptop, notebook, or anything that needs a healthy dose of '90s charm. Let everyone know that you're not just a fan of nostalgia—you're a certified time-traveling enthusiast!

Sticker measures 3” x 1.75”

Experience the exceptional quality of our premium stickers! Crafted from thick, waterproof, and weatherproof vinyl made in the USA, these durable stickers are designed to last.

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